Joanna grew up in Cambridge where she began to develop her artistic sensibilities as a young child. She now works from her studio in Essex.

Her inspiration is life itself, reflected in people, nature and landscapes. Joanna’s combination of versatile paintings, created through mixed media techniques, allows her to continuously explore each subject matter, inviting the viewer to discover their own interpretation and elicit an individual emotional response. Painting primarily in acrylics, her art plays with texture and light and generates a vibrant sense of energy and movement within it. She has always embraced different styles and techniques allowing herself the freedom to try new approaches to each piece of work, to grow faster as an artist and have a lot more fun in the studio.

She studied Art and Design at Cambridge Regional College and her paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries and art fairs. Furthermore, she has accumulated a large portfolio of commissions, including portraits, landscapes and abstract paintings for clients desiring unique and personal pieces.